10 Best Men’s Beauty Products

Layrite is the pomade that smells great and is easy to manipulate. Buy some here.
Dirty solid perfume combines the intensely fresh scent of spearmint with herbal tarragon and thyme to create a modern fragrance meant for men. Get yours here.
This badger hair shaving brush creates a rich, warm lather like none other. Buy it here.
Face Bomb is all natural rhassoul mud, a form of anti-bacterial clay that's packed with minerals. This is the greatest face wash for men on the planet. Get some here.
This post-shave soother will take any razor burn right off your cheeks. Buy yours here.
Polo Red is the best cologne from Ralph Lauren and you'll know why after smelling it. Buy some here.
Need more control over your hair? This comb from Baxter is your answer. Get it here.
The Art of Shaving has what you need to loosen up those tough masculine hairs on your face before a shave. Buy the unscented pre-shave oil here.
The straight razor is a classic, but be careful where you point that thing. Buy one here.
The best smelling and feeling shampoo that won't leave you with dandruff is Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo. Get some here.
Men need attention, romance, and most importantly, beauty products, too. Buying beauty products is not an easy task. Men aren’t conditioned to trying products out and deciding what is best for themselves. Normally they just judge a book by it’s cover. This slideshow is here to help you make more educated choices. We’ve done all the time consuming research for you, now all you have to do is click a few times.

Men don’t often realize that women buy beauty products to make themselves feel better, not look better. You can only be a little more handsome, but with these products you are going to feel a lot more handsome.
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