10 Hilarious Memes Making Fun of Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian recently unveiled her new, platinum blonde hairdo at Paris Fashion Week and has since then become the subject of headlines even more so than usual. Though I’m personally a fan of Kimmy’s new hair––I mean, can Kim really do any wrong at this point?––other people have had way less nicer things to say.

Within hours of the first paparazzi snap, memes of Kim as Draco Malfoy and Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings started surfacing all over the internet, and boy are they funny.

See the 10 most hilarious memes of Kim Kardashian’s hair in the gallery above!
Kim Kardashian reincarnated as Draco Malfoy. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/vanitynightclubgc' target='_blank']vanitynightclubgc[/link]. Self-explanatory. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/alexeb88' target='_blank']alexeb88[/link]. Possibly the best one. Kimmy as Viserys Targaryen. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/cottoncandyland17' target='_blank']cottoncandyland17[/link]. American Dad reference, #NAILEDIT. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/richee96368' target='_blank']richee96368[/link]. Twinsies. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/raawb/' target='_blank']raawb[/link]. WHAT COLOR IS IT?! Image via [link href='https://instagram.com/shoppopgallery/' target='_blank']shoppopgallery[/link]. 3-for-1 special. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/1039rxp' target='_blank']1039rxp[/link]. Oh sweet baby Yeezus. Image via [link href='http://instagram.com/quantum.foolery/' target='_blank']quantumfoolery[/link]. Not a meme, but still made me LOL. Image via [link href='https://instagram.com/therealmebish/' target='_blank']therealmebish[/link]. #2015 #y2k #YEEZY #apocalypse. Image via [link href='https://instagram.com/itsthedro/' target='_blank']itsthedro[/link].
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