Men’s What-to-Wear: Goth Chic

It’s cold and gray outside and to match the weather, my mood has gone somber and my life’s soundtrack has been reverted to my Depeche Mode playlist. Along with these changes the darker colors of my wardrobe have become more pronounced. If you are in touch with the dark recesses of your soul, wave your black flag high and proud--this style guide is for you.

Men’s What-to-Wear: Goth Chic

1. Motorcycle Jacket

Nothing says rock and roll like a motorcycle jacket. They keep you warm and can be worn year around. Distress, fur collars, wool linings, and zipper detail are ways to turn the classic into an original. Buy here.

2. Sleeveless Shirt

Bleach stains and moth holes give these otherwise standard shirts or tanks attitude. Keep the shirt looking vintage to let everyone know you are tough, but continue the dark color theme to look sensitive because everyone likes a bad boy with a sensitive side. Don’t over do the prints, this is a minimalist outfit and should be kept monochromatic. Buy here.

3. Moto Pants

Be careful not to over do the pants with excessive zippers or distress. If every article you wear looks beat up, then you might look like you got in a motorcycle accident. Try some wax, faux leather, or stick with the classic: denim. Buy here.

4. Leather Ankle Boots

First made famous by the Beatles, leather ankle boots have been reinvented as a goth-chic must. Everyone is rocking Doc Martens and combat boots, so try some heeled boots with a few buckles and belts instead. These shoes will give class to your outfit and make them appropriate for gallery openings and black tie parties. Find them here.

5. Last, But Not Least

The black rosary is a classic that keeps the outfit looking chic and put together. Thick, black framed glasses are essential, but make sure the lenses aren’t too dark because you will want to wear these inside. Lastly, it’s cold outside, but you’ll still need to access your iPhone. Leather fingerless gloves will do the trick.

Credits: Polyvore
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