Top 10 Must Have Murses: Bags Every Man Should Own

This classic Ben Sherman bag is perfect for the Prep or the Mod. Purchase it here.
This one has a retro feel, is modern and classy at the same time. Buy this one here.
If you are looking for something completely retro, look no further than a Pan Am bag. Buy it here.
If you are a bit more sporty and want to play the bag down, ADIDAS is the bag for you. Buy yours here.
This faux leather tote is for those with high fashion sensibilities. Buy this one here.
This foldover bag can be dressed up or down. This clutch is compact, so don't expect to bring a laptop to lunch. Purchase yours here.
This leather woven clutch is a must have for the designer label hipster. Purchase this one here.
This bag is perfect for a flight to the Bahamas. Buy it here.
This studded leather envelope bag is perfect for a night out. Buy this one here.
This clutch is great for the less conspicuous type. Buy yours here.
Murses––or man purses––are a tricky trend for men to navigate. Whether you’re afraid of compromising your masculinity or just overwhelmed by all of the options, man bags are in this spring and its time to dip your toes in the water.

Store your iPhone 6 Plus and dress up your outfit with our 10 murse picks for spring.
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